Ef core Migration in DevOps pipelines


Configure build pipeline

  • Modify your pipeline to include dotnet ef tool. And then add the steps to generate the bundle.
- master

vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'

buildConfiguration: 'Release'

- task: UseDotNet@2
packageType: 'sdk'
version: '6.0.101'

- task: DotNetCoreCLI@2
displayName: Install EF Tool
command: custom
custom: 'tool'
arguments: 'install -g dotnet-ef'

- script: dotnet build --configuration $(buildConfiguration)
displayName: 'dotnet build $(buildConfiguration)'

- task: DotNetCoreCLI@2
command: 'publish'
publishWebProjects: true
arguments: '--configuration $(BuildConfiguration) --output $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)'
displayName: 'dotnet publish $(buildConfiguration)'

- task: Bash@3
displayName: Add migrations directory
targetType: 'inline'
script: 'mkdir $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)/bundles'

- task: DotNetCoreCLI@2
displayName: Generate migration bundle - MyApiDbContext
command: custom
custom: 'ef'
arguments: 'migrations bundle --startup-project Api --context MyApiDbContext -r "linux-x64" -o $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)/bundles/myApiDbContext'

- task: CopyFiles@2
SourceFolder: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)'
Contents: 'azure-deploy.sh'
TargetFolder: '$(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)'
displayName: "copy build script"

# this code takes all the files in $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory) and uploads them as an artifact of your build.
- task: PublishBuildArtifacts@1
pathtoPublish: '$(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)'
artifactName: 'MyApi'
displayName: 'dotnet publish artifact'

Configure release pipeline

  • Copy the generated files to where other dlls are present. (this part is not documented, but it always failed if being run from anywhere else even with--connection argument).
  • Modify the permissions to run them as executable
  • Run it. Here is a sample bash script to do all this.
#stop service if you are running api as service
sudo systemctl stop kestral-myApi.service
sudo rm -r -f /var/www/MyApi/
sudo mkdir /var/www/MyMApi/
sudo 7za x Api.zip -o/var/www/MyApi/
#copy the migration bundle to Api directory
sudo cp -a bundles/. /var/www/MyApi/
pushd /var/www/MyApi/ || exit 1
sudo chmod a+x myApiDbContext
sudo ./myApiDbContext
popd || exit 1
#restart the service
sudo systemctl start kestral-myApi.service




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Prashant Choudhary

Software consultant

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